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Mission Statement
The D&O and Management Liability Committee's goal is to promote an enhanced environment for the efficient and fair resolution of D&O coverage disputes. We focus our efforts on promoting communication among D&O practitioners with a balanced perspective, especially with regard to current developments in insurance law and legal issues involved in underlying claims.   

2024-2025 Co-Chairs
Emily Garrison
David Godwin

Contact: DandOmanagement @ americancollegecoverage.org

Selected Presentations & Papers:

Posted 5/14/2024
8th Circuit Insurance Ruling Spotlights Related-Claims Defenses

Posted 6/10/2024
Directors and Officers Insurance: “Bump up” Exclusions and Corporate Transactions

Posted 4/3/2024
Recent Delaware Coverage Decisions on Relatedness Leaves D&O Claim Uncertainties

Posted 3/4/2024
Misrepresentation in Application – Delaware
Zurich Am. Ins. Co. v. Syngenta Crop Prot. LLC, No. 135, 2023, 2024 WL 763418 (Del. Feb. 26, 2024)

Posted 2/15/2024
Miami Law Firm Not Covered For Overbilling
Federal judge concluded that the underlying claims arose from the firm's allegedly fraudulent billing practices, but that billing practices — "legitimate or otherwise" — are not professional services in the context of legal practice.

Posted 2/15/2024
Sixth Circuit Holds Settlement for Fraudulent Transfers Insurable Under D&O Policy: Ohio Law

Posted 2/6/2024
Year in Review: 2023 Key Management and Professional Liability Insurance Coverage Decisions 
By Kevin LaCroix Esq. of RT Specialty

Posted 2/5/2024
6th Circ. Revives Bank's $32M Ponzi Settlement Coverage Suit
Under its Bankers Professional Liability policy, a bank can seek coverage for a $32 million settlement it paid to resolve a bankruptcy suit alleging it allowed a Ponzi scheme to continue so it could recover loans to the company running the scheme, the Sixth Circuit ruled, reversing a win for a pair of AIG insurers.

Posted 1/22/2024
Insured Takeaways From 10th Circuit Interrelated Claims Ruling

Posted 1/12/2024
Tenth Circuit Applies Broad Interpretation of "Interrelated Acts" to Preclude Policyholder's Access to Aggregate Limits

Posted 1/5/2024
4th Circuit Holds No Defense Owed to Lawyer in Fraud/Money Laundering Case

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Past Co-Chairs

Nancy Kornegay

Joe Monteleone

Bob Allen

John Mumford
Seth Lamden

John Mumford
Joann Lytle

John Mumford

Joann Lytle

Michael Manire

Seth Lamden

Michael Manire
Mitchell Dolin

2017-2018 Co-Chairs
Michael Manire
Mitchell Dolin

Michael Manire
Mitchell Dolin